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    非洲開發銀行亞洲對外代表處(SNAR)- 聘請個人顧問亞洲對外代表處正在招聘一名咨詢師(Deadline for applications : 16 November 2021)


    Title: External Relations and Communication Specialist

    Brief description of the Assignment : Assist in SNAR’s all external relations and communication work

    Place of assignment: Tokyo, Japan

    Duration: 12 months

    Tentative Date of commencement: January, 2022

    Academic background: :Minimum of a Master’s degree in political science, economics, finance, business international relations or any other relevant subjects.

    Language: English or French, Practical skills for handling any of the Asian languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese) are considered as strong assets for this position.

    Deadline for applications : 16 November/2021, 12:00 local time in Tokyo, Japan.

    EOI:?External Relations and Communication Specialist - SNAR